A two part interview

A two part interview

Sitting Conversation Job Interview

I will ask you a situation question, preferably a STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result).
You will be given only 10 seconds to think about it.


After those 20 seconds, you should give your answer. There is no restriction on how you present and convey it.
You can fill your answer with what you thought in that timeframe and also with the ideas that come on the fly while presenting.


Good, we are done with Part One.


Now, I will give you 5 more minutes to think about the same question.


This time, you shall probably organise your thoughts from the first instance or might think of other possibilities and solutions to the same. After the 5 minutes, you shall answer the same question again.


This time, I believe that your answer would be different or a better version of the first attempt.


This would help me as well as you to understand how fast and how wide can you think in a short period of time. Also, this is a great exercise to understand how you improvise on any answer when given an additional time.


You get more insights on how to present better knowing the fact that you had the content ready but just need to tweak on how to convey the same so that the idea is delivered across the table.


If your answer in the first attempt is incomplete, incorrect or vague; it’s not a problem. What matters is how you learn from it yourself and try to work on it immediately. Your second attempt will explain to both of us how you can brainstorm and deliver a better solution/answer.


If your answer in the first attempt is really good, then your second attempt will give an insight on how you can expand your thoughts into the horizontal to gain more vision and thus comprehend the result better.
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