How are we inspired?

How are we inspired?

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We all have that one person in our head whom we idolise and get inspiration from. It could be someone we know personally or a known face. But, we must never say to anyone that we are inspired by a person and share just their name.

When we say that we are inspired by a person, we are indeed inspired by their work, or thoughts, or some instance that he/she has done or carries with them. That is normal. We just can’t get inspired by a person itself. They must have done something or said something that made you feel that sense of inspiration from them.

But the world is diverse, and we don’t know the crucks of everything. Each person has a flip side. And the world is filled with people who only have half the information. Some people might share common knowledge as us because they might know the same things as we do.
On the contrary, others might know something interesting that one might not be aware of. This is the tipping point. If we convey the name of our inspiration to them, they would be judged on what kind of a person one is and might create some unnecessary barriers unintentionally.

It is thus extremely important to point out instances about why we like or dislike something or someone. It breaks the barrier of assumptions, presents a clear thought on the table, and leaves no chances of creating false perceptions.

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