You are a champion !

You are a champion !

King in chess

Everyone is a champion in this world. You cannot compare two champions of different fields.

The birth of a child, the delivery is one of the most beautiful thing in the world. But at the same time it is also the most painful moment for the mother. It is a challenge to get a child out of a mothers womb. It can break 10+ bones in her body. But still the child emerges out of it as a victory.

That is the first instance at the first second of your life.

You emerged with victory, you were a champ, champion !

This brings us to an important fact. You cannot become a champion alone. Your mother, your father, the doctor, the nurse, the family who supported your mother for the last 9 months to ensure you are born with utmost health. We cannot become a champion alone. We become champions because of the people around us too. Who took care and ensured no harm happens to us.

Every child is born with no talent, no preconceptions. It is up to each individual how you raise yourself and emerge in the real world.

A child’s birth does not decide his/her future and talents. Believe in work, hard work, study, emotions, understanding, fellowship. The lines on our palm do not decide our destiny.

See your palm, see the lines, there is nothing written. Fold your palm, make a fist, you shall feel the power in your shoulder and arms. That’s what you need. Strength and spirit to challenge anything in life.

You are you, don’t compare to others. What you can do, no one else can do. You build yourself and decide your future. Work so hard that the veins change by itself, saying that you deserve it. Believe in what you are and focus on what can make you even better.

You are born like a champion, dedicate yourself such that you die as a legend.

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